New ceramics display at Dole Branch

The next time you’re at Dole Branch Library, come see a wonderful collection of ceramic pieces adorning the library shelves and walls. These pieces were created by participants in the Park District of Oak Park’s Active Adults ceramics class. We’ve included some photos here, but they’re really more impressive up close and in person!

Bookshelves with ceramic pieces on the shelves and on the wall above

The backstory

Back in February, art educator Ann Primack asked us if Dole Branch would display pieces created by her students, most of whom are Oak Park community members. The ceramics classes meet in the lower level of Dole Center (the building at 255 Augusta St. where Dole Branch Library shares space with Park District programs).

We were thrilled to collaborate and spent the next couple of months working with Ann to gather pieces and finalize the display. The library’s Facilities Supervisor Rocco Russell made sure all the pieces were installed securely by early May.

See the display all summer

The display will be up all summer. And then?

“We’re hoping this leads to more collaborations with other Active Adult art educators at Dole,” says Manager of Patron Services Martyn Churchouse. “They offer painting, drawing, weaving, stained glass, and more. Several educators have expressed interest, so we hope this is just the beginning of a series of community art displays!”