Welcome to your library

September was #LibraryCardSignUpMonth. Let’s give a warm Oak Park welcome to these new library cardholders!

September sign-up success

On average, roughly 200 people a month get new Oak Park library cards. But from June through September this year, notes Patron Services Manager Martyn Churchouse, more than 400 people got new cards each month!

During September’s Library Card Sign-Up Month, we signed up 450 new cardholders of all ages, including 100 students during our weekly visits to Oak Park and River Forest High School.

“We definitely embodied the vision of providing access to as many students as possible thanks to this initiative!” says High School Services Librarian Alexander Gutierrez.

Need a card?

Every Oak Park resident, student, teacher, daycare provider, and business owner can get a card for complete access to public library services and resources. Let’s get started »