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Sign up with Beanstack beginning Wednesday, June 1

Oceans of Possibilities runs all summer! It’s for kids age 3 and older to track their reading and earn rewards. We also have different activities for different age groups, including advanced level challenges and prizes just for middle schoolers. Current 5th graders, that means you!

How does summer reading work?

Earn beads, stickers, and raffle prizes all summer long, June 1-August 31.

Sign up online and start logging reading and activities with Beanstack. Available for iOS and Android, the Beanstack Tracker app can be downloaded to any device, including an Oak Park public school device. 

If your family would benefit from a paper version of the program, stop into any library branch to pick one up, or it’s available to print (PDFs coming to this page by June 1.)

Everyone everywhere is welcome to participate, so challenge your cousin in Kalamazoo or friend in Fargo to join! Have kids under 3? Sign up for 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten!

  • Keep track of your reading time and get a bead or vinyl sticker for every hour, plus bonus beads every 5 hours. 
  • Reading isn’t the only way to learn and have fun—we have a ton of activities to choose from to earn special beads, too. 
  • Make art, move your body, listen to music, explore the world, or do a little science!  

Once you start earning prizes, stop into the library to pick them up when it’s convenient for you. 

While the program begins June 1, you can sign up anytime this summer and pick up prizes whenever you’re able to come into the library. 

What can kids read?

  • You can read whatever you like—chapter books, graphic novels, the newspaper, ebooks—or listen to audiobooks and podcasts or someone else reading aloud to you.
  • You could read to a dog and it would count, but, sorry, it doesn’t count if a dog reads to you. 
  • Your book does not have to be in English. It doesn’t have to come from the library. All reading is good reading. 
  • Borrow a Book Bundle! Each librarian-curated kit is based on a popular kid theme and comes in a pre-packaged clear bag.
  • Browse (just updated!) reading lists by age and grade and more title suggestions vetted by Oak Park’s children’s librarians.
  • Check out Ms. Eileen’s suggestions for what to read, listen to, watch, and do.

There are so many possibilities… join us this summer for Oceans of Possibilities!


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What is Beanstack?

Beanstack is an easy-to-use online platform where you can track your reading and activities. Download the Beanstack Tracker app—available for iOS and Android—to your mobile device for convenient registration and logging.

How do I register my child?

Starting June 1, click on the “Register now & track progress” button that will be added to this page to access Beanstack, an easy-to-use online tracking system. Adults can register themselves and multiple children under one username and password.

Need help with Beanstack? Watch the virtual tutorial on this page; just click play!

Can I also sign up my child for 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten?

Yes! Kids ages three through rising kindergarteners can track their reading in Beanstack and get credit for summer reading and 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten, a year-long and ongoing program for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.

How do kids earn virtual badges and prizes?

There are over 120 activities in six different categories. Kids ages 3 and up earn a bead or sticker for every hour they read and get even more when they finish at least five activities in a category.

You can pick up beads at any library location.

Why should my child participate?

Research has shown that kids who read over the summer keep their skills sharp and are better prepared for school in the fall, while recent research adds that kids who choose their own summer reading books lose even fewer skills over the summer. That makes summer the perfect time to help kids develop their own preferences and explore new and familiar genres at their own pace. When kids love what they read, they’ll love reading—now and in the future.

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