Find Your Voice: Summer Fun for All Ages

Thanks for an amazing summer!

Two toddlers hold hands, wear sunglasses and summer reading bead necklaces outside at a park

Kids summer reading (ages 2-11)

Thanks to all the families and around 2,000 kids who participated in this year’s program! Together, you read over 1,146,714 minutes. That’s over 796 days! Over 2 years worth of minutes! More importantly to most, that’s over 14,000 beads, which is Very. Serious. Business. for kids!

We received a lot of warm, genuine feedback, including from Marianne, who tells us she’s known in her family as the “reading challenge grandma.” For the second summer, she said, the program helped her family complete a goal of reading 100 books before school started. 

“My grandchildren are delighted with the beautiful beads and love to design their own necklace,” she told us “We use our reading time to share stories, talk about the books, and create a stronger personal bond and shared love of reading.”

Adult summer reading (ages 18+)

Thanks to everyone who participated in our first adult summer reading challenge! Participants completed 1,146 activities, earned 1,590 badges, and logged 11,175 hours of reading. Wow! For every digital badge earned this summer, participants’ names were added to a drawing, and five lucky winners received a $100 Oak Park-River Forest Chamber of Commerce gift card for local businesses.