We suggest: Transgender Awareness Week

Taking place this year November 13-19, Transgender Awareness Week is an annual event dedicated to educating our communities about the lives of transgender people.

Transgender Awareness Week is celebrated every year during the week leading up to Transgender Day of Remembrance (November 20), a day set aside to recognize each life lost during the year to transphobic violence around the world.

This title suggestion list below is an invitation to learn about trans identities and experience the lives of trans people and their families in their own words. Plus, you’ll find books about gender identity and pronouns and additional resources to explore online.

Want more? Oak Park Public Library also has a dedicated Transgender Resource Collection where you can find these books and more!

Transgender identity & personal narratives

Resources to explore

  • The Gender Wheel: Created by Maya Gonzalez, this website has free activities, lessons, and other resources for caregivers and educators to facilitate affirming conversations about gender identity and expression.
  • Every Body Curious: These educational videos for young people provide affirming and inclusive information about bodies, relationships, sexual health, and identity.
  • Never Fear Talks (Lurie): These quick videos show real conversations between adults and young people about gender identity, relationships, and sexual health.
  • Minus18 Pronoun App: Learn how to use different pronouns, including they, xe, fae, and more!
  • Minus18 Trans Awareness Week Resources: Minus18 is an LGBTQIA+ youth advocacy group. They’ve compiled some articles for youth about gender, trans pride, and how to ally with trans people.
  • One from the Vaults: A podcast on Trans History—for adults, specifically.

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