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Library Cards

Every Oak Park resident, student, educator, and business owner can get an Oak Park Public Library card for the widest access to library services

  • Apply as a resident age 18 years or older: Bring in a current photo ID (e.g., driver’s license, state ID, passport) and proof of Oak Park residency, such as a utility bill or recently postmarked mail, to any library location. For residents with a temporary home address, we will work with you to ensure your access to library services and resources. 
  • Apply as a resident attending high school: Download, print and fill out this PDF, have it signed by a parent/guardian, and bring it to any library location.
  • Apply on behalf of a child living in Oak Park: Any resident, any age can get a card! Visit the library together. The parent/guardian must show proof of Oak Park residency, such as a utility bill or recently postmarked mail, and sign the application for anyone under 18.
  • Apply as an educator teaching in Oak Park: All Oak Park teachers, teaching assistants, and school staff can bring in their Oak Park school employment IDs. Returning teachers can renew by phone. Call us at 708.383.8200. All educator cards have a one-year expiration from issue date.
  • Apply for an Oak Park business or nonprofit organization: Stop by with your lease or a tax bill, a photo ID, full contact information for the person responsible for any fines or lost materials, and if you are an employee, proof of employment. All business cards have a one-year expiration date.

Not an Oak Park resident?

We are a member of the suburban Chicago-area SWAN consortium, which means you may already have borrowing privileges through your home library. View a list of libraries in SWAN. You may also choose to purchase an Oak Park card for an annual fee of $400.38. To learn more, contact us now »

More about using your card and account

  • We’re fine free! Learn more about returns, limits, and fees > 
  • Know your four-digit PIN, usually the last four digits of each account’s primary phone number. Need help? Contact us now »
  • Use your valid Chicago Public Library card or another Illinois library card here. Registration may be required on your first visit.
  • Renew your card issued before March 20, 2012, at the library with your photo ID and proof of address.
  • Report your lost or stolen card immediately. We mark it as lost, which protects you if it is misused. Replace your card for $1.
  • More online help, accessible from inside the catalog »