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Late fall storytime classes: Now through December 15


  • Terrific Tales for 2s and 3s at Main, 10 am
  • Be Our Neighbor at Main, 4 pm*


  • Shake, Rattle & Read at Main, 10 am*
  • Supported Storytime and Play at Main, 4 pm*


  • Shake, Rattle, and Read at Maze, 10:30 am*


  • Young and Restless at Main, 10 am


  • Young and Restless at Main, 10 am*
  • Shake, Rattle, and Read at Dole, 10:30 am*


  • Stories on Saturday at Main, 10 am*
  • Stories on Saturday: Young and Restless, 11 am*

*Non-resident guests are welcome to attend these sessions. An Oak Park Public Library card is required to attend storytimes not marked with an asterisks (*).


Be Our Neighbor: Designed for 4- and 5-year-olds and their caregivers. Children learn more when watching educational programming with their caregivers. Structured discussions and activities, paired with an episode of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, will help kids gain social-emotional skills that will prepare them for school success. Limit 30.

Supported Storytime & Play (September: Nature & October: Cooking): This class is designed for children with special needs ages 3 and up with caregiver support. Classes are structured with Boardmaker schedules and include fun picture books and songs, along with fine and gross motor movement activities. Monthly themes will culminate in special activities. Special supports like lap weights and fidget toys are available to help children be successful. Siblings welcome.

Shake, Rattle & Read: An energetic program designed for children of all ages, with caregiver support. The importance of music and movement in pre-literacy is emphasized to get everyone up on their feet and singing with loud enthusiasm. Held in the Main Library Veterans Room. *Shake, Rattle & Read will be held in Scoville Park on Sept. 4 & 11. Stories on Saturday: Drop-in family storytimes. Children ages 2 to 6 and their caregivers attend at 10 am for a big, lively storytime full of favorites. Children birth to 24 months attend Young & Restless at 11 am with their caregivers for short books paired with songs and rhymes modeled to introduce pre-literacy skills.

Terrific Tales for 2s & 3s: Designed for 2- and 3-year-olds with caregiver support. Two-year-olds are learning to sit, listen, and interact with the storyteller and often still need assistance from caregivers to feel more successful. Longer books and imaginative games are paired with more complex stories and rhymes to reinforce at home. Limit 25. Oak Park Public Library card required at Main Library.

Young & Restless: Designed for one-on-one interactions between caregivers and children up to 24 months. Short books are paired with songs and rhymes that are modeled to introduce pre-literacy skills. Babies learn to associate books with fun and shared moments with favorite adults. One-year-olds love to wander and listen while they explore, and caregivers can help them participate while on the move. Limit 20. Oak Park Public Library card required at Main Library.


  • Storytime classes help children acquire pre-literacy skills in fun, age-appropriate ways through the Very Ready Reading Program. This research-based program lays the foundation for future reading skills by encouraging caregivers to Share Books, Stories, Songs, Rhymes, Play, Words, and Writing.
  • Help us create a positive learning space by avoiding snacks, toys, and conversations until after class. Take breaks with your child as needed so other kids don’t lose focus.
  • Don’t be shy! Have fun and sing along with your children. This is a no-judgment zone, and interacting with them will increase their learning from the experience. Everyone wins.
  • Oak Park summer groups, schools, and daycares can schedule private storytimes instead of attending public classes. Please contact us and learn more about group visits for children »

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