Hacking Hemingway Student Learning

The creative work accessible from this page was developed in the spring of 2016 by Oak Park Elementary School District 97 middle school students. Learn more about the Hacking Hemingway: Cracking the Code to the Vault grant that helped make this digital creativity and local history learning possible, and read more about how students expressed themselves. Find more related content at the end of this page.

In Your Time
Six-Word Stories

Read In Your Time, a published 36-page anthology now included in the Oak Park Creates collection. 

Fable or fiction

The original idea for the six-word story is falsely attributed to Ernest Hemingway, but is an example of his writing style. Students at District 97 wrote their own six-word stories about their lives in Oak Park.

Modern-day inspiration

Students wrote on a wide range of topics including their hobbies, their fears, their community, and other creative ideas.

Hemingway Comic

Comics & Cartoons

Browse a collection of original work reflecting a modern-day look at Hemingway’s Oak Park. 

About the digital comics

Students at District 97 were challenged to create digital comics featuring Ernest Hemingway, his sister Marcelline, and the rest of their family using archival items from the Illinois Digital Archives as inspiration.

About the editorial cartoons

Students were encouraged to pick a topic in the news they had a strong opinion about and create a one-panel editorial illustration. One student even incorporated a tribute to Ernest Hemingway in their work.

Hemingway Minecraft

Hemingway Minecraft

Explore the world of this educational video game through screenshots of original work created by kids.

About the game

Hemingway Minecraft is a video game inspired by the life of young Ernest Hemingway, set in the world of the educational building/exploring game MinecraftEdu. Players can control their Ernest Hemingway avatar to explore Oak Park High School, go fishing in Walloon Lake, hunt in the woods with Grandfather Abba, and build their own construction in the build site.

About the students

At the end of the MinecraftEdu game, students were asked to share feedback on their experience. Their responses follow the screenshots at the end of the digital book.

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