Collaborate on a Multicultural Program or Exhibit

This form is for community members who want to collaborate with the library on a multicultural program or exhibit.

In Oak Park, our public library turns outward. This is an intentional process for listening to and learning about our community. It means we make the choice to ground library work in our community’s shared aspirations.

To actively engage community members in inclusive opportunities with diverse groups and to show empathy for and develop connections between diverse audiences, we now offer a Collaborative Multicultural Programming approach.

What is it? This approach to programming and exhibits joins community members’ unique cultural experiences and identities with public librarians’ program planning and learning expertise. A primary goal is to actively engage more Oak Parkers through cultural programming and exhibits facilitated by and delivered through their own unique voices and identities.

Interested in submitting an idea? Submit a completed form and a staff member will respond to you typically within one business day. Due to the current scope of available resources, not every submission can be guaranteed a library-supported program.

How does it work? If the library has the capacity to collaborate at this time, community members receive support from library staff. Based on what you want and need, this support may include one or all of the following: public space at the library, a budget, promotion, and staff support with planning, facilitation, and setup. When available, curated library materials, artifacts, and resource connections will be included.

Images, audio, video used for promotion
Presenters grant permission to the library for any images, video, or audio to be used by library staff for promotional purposes. Programs and displays may be photographed recorded in their entirety and reposted to social media platforms of the library’s choosing in perpetuity or for an agreed-upon time.

I have read the above information and am ready to submit my program or exhibit idea.