‘A place where people care about community’

After a career working in libraries around Illinois, Susan Burke retired to Oak Park. It was a return—she grew up in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood and lived in Oak Park in the early 1970s.

“Oak Park has always been committed to social justice, and that was why I came back,” she said.

Burke also gives back. A library volunteer since 2014, she comes into the library every week to organize shelves. She also distributes copies of our quarterly magazine, The Storyline, to more than 50 organizations around town, including Park District centers and local schools.

“Once you get involved with libraries, you can’t really let go, and that’s why I came here to volunteer,” she said.

As for Oak Park, her once and current home?

“It’s a place where people care about community,” she said. “It’s also the only place I’ve lived where you can walk down the street and say good morning to people, and they will say good morning back.”

We love our volunteers

In 2017, library volunteers generously contributed their time and talents for more than 3,100 hours. With about 90 volunteers, the library’s volunteer program offers a way to connect, care, and make a difference.