Discover & explore for grade schoolers: Code, create, design, play & learn digitally

Learn about new tech information in a safe manner with digital titles available in your digital library, create-on-your-own websites, and tech news sources for kids!

Check out these digital titles

Create on your own

Use these online apps to code, create, design, play, and learn!

  • Tinkercad (all ages): An easy-to-use app for 3D design, electronics, and coding for teachers, kids, and designers to design and make anything!
  • Blockly (ages 8+): Powered by Google, this open source program creates code using Javascript.
  • Blockly Games (ages 4-8): Kids can learn basic Javascript with these games!
  • Roboblockly (ages 9+): This web-based simulator teaches programming by combining coding, Arduino, robotics, and math together!

Explore tech news

Read the latest tech information written especially for kids, by kids!

Stay current on news and new arrivals.

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