Teen Services Manager Stephen Jackson writes about restorative practices in latest Library Journal

In the April 2021 issue of Library Journal, our Teen Services Manager Stephen Jackson writes about restorative practices and libraries.

Read the article online or access the entire digitized issue.

He illustrates how our library has integrated restorative practices since he joined the staff in 2016.

Examples include the use of circles, annual community conferences, and the Leading Edge Barbershop (pictured above), which was hosted at the Main Library from 2018 through early 2020.

Stephen also gives 10 steps for other libraries that are interested in using restorative practices. He talks with staff from public libraries around the country to give practical advice and examples (like step #7: “Start with teens”).

‘We have made significant strides’

Stephen writes: “Nearly five years later, we have made significant strides using this community outreach and engagement model. We now have 23 staff, including our director of human services, trained in peace circle keeping, a key restorative practice.”

And earlier this year, we hired our library’s first Restorative Practices Coordinator, Tatiana Swancy. Here’s what Stephen said at the time:

“Our organization couldn’t have picked a better person for this role to continue the work we have started. Tatiana’s calm and nonjudgmental way of engaging will not only serve our patrons well but is exactly what restorative practices are about.”