Tech Tips: How to use Burbio to find Oak Park events

By John Gargiulo, Supervising Librarian of Creative Technology

Looking for more ways to keep track of community events? is a free website and mobile app that puts multiple local government agencies and community organizations—including your public library—in one combined online calendar.

In this Tech Tip, we’re going to review how you can use this tool to find community events in Oak Park and neighboring communities.

1. Finding the Burbio calendar

Burbio is accessible from the library’s website under the News & Events header. After clicking on or hovering over the News & Events header, click on “Oak Park events” to view the Burbio calendar.

Screenshot of the library's News & Events page on the website

You can also go straight to this link:

2. Browsing Burbio

On Burbio’s Oak Park page, you will see the names of local government bodies and community organizations (see the screenshot below).

Screenshot of Burbio website showing the Oak Park Public Library, the Village of Oak Park, the Oak Park Township, Brooks Middle School, Forest Park Public Library, and River Forest Public Library

Clicking on the name or logo of the organization will display a list of upcoming in-person and virtual events hosted by that organization (see the screenshot below).

A screenshot of the Burbio website showing upcoming events

Returning to the previous page will allow you to select another organization and browse its calendar. Using Burbio in this way can be helpful for browsing upcoming community meetings and events you might want to attend.

3. Creating your own Burbio calendar feed

By creating an account with Burbio, you can follow your favorite community organizations and see all of their events in one combined calendar feed.

For example, after creating an account, I followed the Village of Oak Park and Oak Park Public Library. Now I can see upcoming meetings for both organizations in my feed (as demonstrated in the screenshot below).

A screenshot of the Burbio website showing upcoming events

4. Using Burbio to promote your own events

If you are involved in a group or organization and want to promote your events on Burbio, contact More information on options for community groups, non-profits, and businesses can be found on Burbio’s website.

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