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This commemorative month (held September 15-October 15) was officially designated as Hispanic Heritage Month by the U.S. Congress in 1968. Learn more at »

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Explore items & cultures with Miss Juanta & friends

Peruvian Independence Day Display

From inside the Main Library Idea Box, Eliana Gamarra, archaeologist and community member, shares in Spanish the story of “Fiestas Patria.” Celebrated on July 28, this national holiday marks the liberation of Peru from Spain.

Aztec Calendar: Mexico

Miss Juanta has a beautiful Aztec calendar to show you, and her friend Melissa Fuentes will share its importance in the Mexican culture. What kind of calendar does your family use?

Calaveras: Mexico

Do you know what a calavera is? Miss Juanta has several to show you from the Multicultural Collection, and Miss Nora visits to explain what they are and how they are used in her Mexican culture.

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  • Gale in Context: Biography: Explore authoritative biographical entries covering international figures from all time periods and areas of study, including a collection of biographies on notable Hispanic Americans. To start your search, choose Browse People and from the Topics dropdown, select Hispanic Americans.
  • Mango Languages: Reach conversational proficiency in Spanish.
  • Novelist Plus: Find book reviews, annotations, read-alikes, discussion guides, and book lists for fiction and nonfiction readers. Use the Advanced Search option to find titles by Hispanic American authors by selecting Hispanic American under Authors Cultural Identity.

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