Do you have thyme to garden?

By Collection Management Librarian Dontaná

The threat of frost and snow is almost over, and it’s time to start your seeds. Gardens come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you have a flower garden or a vegetable garden—or a big space or a small one—this list is sure to help with all your gardening needs.

Books for all types of gardeners

The Container Victory Garden by Maggie Stuckey

Why you should try it: Container gardens are perfect for green thumbs in small spaces.

Description: Even if all you have is a postage stamp's worth of space on a balcony, patio, or front stoop, The Container Victory Garden equips you to dig into the joys of container gardening, right where you are. You will find detailed line art drawings that illustrate many gardening techniques and set-ups, first-person stories of World War II Victory Gardens and their inspiration for today's gardeners, and beautiful full-color paintings of diverse people enjoying their container gardens. This is the promise of container gardening: a fresh bounty of vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers you can enjoy in every season.

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The Creative Vegetable Garden by Kelly Smith Trimble

Why you should try it: Are you tired of gardening with strict rules? Try this for some bright, new ways of laying out your gardens.

Description: Lifestyle editor and master gardener Kelly Smith Trimble encourages readers to widen their focus, be playful, and imagine a vegetable garden that reflects their own unique aesthetic and offers a meditative sanctuary as well as a source of fresh, homegrown food. From seed selection to garden layout and regenerative gardening practices, gardeners of all levels will find Smith Trimble's liberating advice a pathway to making the garden a place of nourishment for the soul and creative spirit, while also feeding the body.

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Grow Bag Gardening by Kevin Espiritu

Why you should try it: Have a lot of spare tote bags? Use them for your plants!

Description: Grow oodles of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers with no heavy lifting or digging required! Grow bag gardening utilizes lightweight, eco-friendly, fabric planter bags to grow great plants with minimal space and care. Get all the know-how you need to successfully grow a hearty homegrown harvest.

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Regrow Your Veggies by Melissa Raupach

Why you should try it: If you're trying to be more eco-conscious by going little-to-no-waste, try this!

Description: No need to keep buying the same vegetables you eat all the time over and over again. This insightful guide provides effective propagation techniques to recycle and regrow more than 20 popular vegetables right at home.

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Veg in One Bed by Huw Richards

Why you should try it: New to gardening? Not sure when to plant, when to harvest, when to winterize? This book has got you covered.

Description: There is nothing more fulfilling than growing your own home produce. You don't have to be a seasoned gardener to produce a healthy, flourishing garden—all you need is a few seeds, water, sunlight, good advice, and patience! Learn what to do each month on your windowsill, where you'll raise seedlings, and in your raised bed, where your plants will grow to maturity.

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Compost Science for Gardeners by Robert Pavlis

Why you should try it: Composting is a great way to use otherwise "unusable" kitchen scraps!

Description: Anyone can compost. Whether you are a balcony or backyard gardener, market gardener, small-scale farmer, or homesteader, or even if you are simply looking for a way to keep organic matter out of the landfill, this book will show you how to do it simply, safely, and sensibly.

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