Cover stories: Floral covers to brighten up your spring

By Collection Management Librarian Dontaná

Flowers are a perennial (get it?) favorite of cover designers. According to the language of flowers, each flower has its own meaning and can make a statement in combination. Perhaps the flowers on these covers give hints about the story.

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Books with floral covers

Paradise Valley by Robyn Carr

Flower power: This meadowscape is full of wildflowers. Meadows and wildflowers are great for relaxing and renewing the spirit.

Description: Marine corporal Rick Sudder returns home to Virgin River from Iraq, broken and alone, until the passion and commitment of a young woman restores his faith in love, while Dan Brady, an outsider looking for a place to start over, arrives in Virgin River and gets an unexpectedly warm welcome.

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Just Let Go by Courtney Walsh

Flower power: Pink carnations represent gratitude and appreciation.

Description: For Quinn Collins, buying the flower shop in downtown Harbor Pointe fulfills a childhood dream. Completing renovations while competing for a prestigious flower competition has Quinn in over her head. When Olympic skier Grady Benson is assigned to help her as a community service sentence, Quinn learns that to move forward she needs to just let go.

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If You Leave Me by Crystal Hana Kim

Flower power: Purple is a strong color for this cover and usually symbolizes royalty. The hibiscus represents the fleeting nature of beauty, and the lily represents dignity.

Description: Forced into the life of a refugee when the North Korean army invades her home, 16-year-old Haemi is forced to choose between love and security in ways that resonate throughout generations of her family.

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The Essence of Perfection by Nita Brooks

Flower power: Daisies are adorable flowers and come in a variety of colors. They symbolize purity and cheerfulness.

Description: When pop superstar Nicola King enlists an elite and sought-after fragrance maker to design her a new scent, a list of very personal information is accidentally put on social media, resulting in some surprising results.

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The Queen of Hearts by Kimmery Martin

Flower power: Morning glories represent unrequited love, while ranunculus represent charm and attractiveness.

Description: Two doctors who have been best friends since early adulthood find their bond tested by the return of a former colleague who unearths a secret one of them has been harboring for years.

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Tin Man by Sarah Winman

Flower power: Sunflowers represent adoration, loyalty, and longevity.

Description: Shortlisted for the Costa Novel of the Year Award, a heartbreaking celebration of love in all its forms gradually reveals a fallout between two longtime friends and Oxford students over the course of a decade marked by the marriage of one and the disappearance of the other.

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