Let’s spread the word this September

All across America, September is Library Card Sign Up Month. So we’ll be shouting it from our green rooftop (since yes, we have one of those at 834 Lake Street).

Will you help us spread the word—about both the resources and the value that your library provides?

What’s your favorite way to use your card?

Why libraries? Get your free lawn sign

Help set a course for the library’s future

A community needs survey is now underway. The survey’s goals are twofold: to learn more about what keeps people from using library resources and to help shape how library spaces could and should be used in the future. Oak Park households receiving this random sample survey can choose to complete it on paper, online, or by telephone. If your household is one selected to receive a survey, please complete it to help set a course for the library’s—and Oak Park’s—future.

Stay current on news and new arrivals.

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