‘I returned items. Why are they still showing up on my account?’

Seeing items on your online account that you already returned? Getting notifications that you think you shouldn’t? Is “DELINQUENT” displaying on your self-checkout screen?

Don’t worry!

When you return your library items, they are not checked in immediately. This means it is taking longer than it used to for your account to reflect the updated status of your returned items.

In fact, all returns (and all items found in and around the library pulled from their proper place on the shelves) are placed in quarantine.

Why quarantine? Unlike retail stores and restaurants that can offer more one-way transactions, including pickup and delivery, libraries circulate items between many people. This poses a different health risk to staff and the public, both when they are handled and returned. Learn more about the research »

Please know our goals are to resolve any account situations as quickly as possible, and to get library items back into circulation as safely and as quickly as possible. Each day, the library’s Facilities Team makes multiple trips to empty all five book drops, then boxes those returned items for quarantine. And, you probably remember that we have no overdue fines on items checked out at the Oak Park Public Library.

Operating during this pandemic continues to affect all of our daily lives, and how things used to operate. We are here to answer your questions.

Contact us anytime via oppl.org/contact, call us, and use our live chat during open building hours.

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