Hoopla error message? Try adding your PIN

As part of ongoing efforts to increase online security and data privacy, Hoopla now requires all users to provide their library Personal Identification Number (PIN) to borrow and stream.

Please note: the PIN does not replace the password you have already created to log in to your Hoopla account. You will still need to use your password to log in.

How to add your PIN to your Hoopla account

Here’s more detail, based on how you use Hoopla:

Forgot your library PIN?

Your PIN is usually the last four digits of your account’s primary phone number.

Please note: to protect patron privacy, library staff can remotely reset a PIN (so you can change it) but cannot share any PIN via phone or via email.

You may change your PIN after you log into your account. Here’s how:

  1. In the “Personal Information” tab, click “Change PIN.”
  2. Enter your current PIN (the last four digits of your primary phone number).
  3. Enter your desired new PIN.
  4. Confirm your new PIN by entering it again.
  5. Click “Update.”

Your new PIN should now be saved. PINs can also be reset by clicking Forgot My PIN from the catalog login screen.

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Data privacy

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