Celebrating National Library Workers Day: Meet our library stars

Know a stellar library worker? We know plenty!

In 2003, an American Library Association resolution was proposed to formally recognize the hard work, dedication, and expertise of library support staff and librarians each year on the Tuesday of National Library Week, now officially designated National Library Workers Day.

Our Oak Park staff showcased here represent a few of our many wonderful workers who’ve been recognized this year for their contributions. See the full list of stellar workers from Illinois »

Want to show your appreciation for a library employee who’s made a difference for you?

We’ll be sharing updates all week long, on Facebook and this page, of who’s been nominated!

Meet our library stars

Beronica Puhr in the Children's Department


Beronica is a star because she brings the highest level of customer service to every aspect of her job. Her programming for tweens is creative, supportive, and fun, and her storytimes are consistently AMAZING.

Brent Haines leaning on a library shelf


Brent is a wealth of information and is eager to help others on their information journeys. He has an inquisitive and curious nature, and it is infectious—he makes you eager to find out more.

Colleen White at her desk


Colleen does a tremendous job balancing multiple responsibilities. We are so lucky to have her on our team!

Debbie Rafine at her desk


Debbie demonstrates excellent leadership in Materials Services. She’s a clear communicator, who we always can depend on to bring the highest level of service to her responsibilities!

Genevieve in front of library shelves


Genevieve is willing to do anything that needs be be done. She doesn’t complain; she just devises a solution. She speaks with authority on many topics, and she’ll always lend a helping hand. Plus, she’s funny and has a great sense of fashion!

Ed O'Brien in front of library shelves


Ed always keeps humor and humans at the center of all he does. Ed focuses on local history and helps patrons shift through the past to find their connection to our community. After more than twenty years in the library profession, he brings both wisdom and laughter to the library.

John holding balloons


John is new to the profession and already so passionate. He works at our service desks but also as a Cyber Navigator at Chicago Public Library, helping patrons in multiple communities learn new things. He is calm and patient, while also engaging and professional.

Julie in front of the Because libraries give everyone a seat at the table sign


Julie works with book clubs to get enough copies of books for meetings. She is always responsive and makes sure we have the books we need in plenty of time for our meetings. She makes the whole process smooth and easy!

Luis holding a chess piece


Luis is a fantastic mentor and coach to kids of all ages. Luis’ chess and open mic programs have attracted a loyal and enthusiastic following. He truly knows how to engage and inspire!

Tatiana at the desk


Tatiana always has a smile on and a laugh to give everyone. She is always ready to go on the reference desk and provides great service!