Civic Learning

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“There is a rewarding, even exhilarating role for each of us in making democracy real.” —Frances Moore Lappe, Daring Democracy

As your public library, we strive to fulfill our community’s aspirations. One way we do this is helping you strengthen your civic literacy muscle. Civic literacy includes learning more about where you live, connecting with neighbors, and becoming an informed citizen. Have a question not answered here? Tell us now »

Voting & elections

Your vote matters! Are you prepared for the upcoming Gubernatorial Election on Tuesday, November 6? Check your Cook County voter information, including registration status, polling place, and ballot content, all from one website. And get information about Oak Park’s non-binding referendum (pdf)Be an informed voter »

Be a part of the political process

Learn how to apply to become an election judge, run for local office, get a referendum on the ballot, and contact your local representatives. Get involved »

Evaluate sources of news and information

Teaching people how to be better consumers of information is the fundamental task at the heart of our profession, as noted by the American Library Association. Check out resources and stay informed »

Get expert answers

Do you want to learn more about a particular issue? Ask a librarian and find sources you can trust. Our librarians use their research capabilities and local expertise to deliver fact-based information to meet your needs. See our areas of expertise »

Find legal resources

Understanding legalese and completing legal forms can be tricky. Explore resources to help you navigate legal forms and find answers to your civil legal questions »

Volunteer your time

Want to connect with others, support your public library, and make your community a better place? Learn more about volunteering at your library »

Connect with your neighbors

The library provides public spaces to learn, collaborate, and create. See how your neighbors are connecting at meetings, trainings, lectures, programs, and more: View the spaces reservation calendar »

Learn about Oak Park

New to Oak Park or want to learn more about your village? Find out more about where you live and connect with Oak Park taxing bodies »