Genealogy & Local History

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African American Heritage

Genealogy database devoted to African American family history research.

Ancestry Library Edition(in-library use only)

Genealogical information covering the US and United Kingdom (only available in the Oak Park Public Library).

Chicago Tribune Historical Extra! Edition

Full-text with PDFs of the pages from the original papers from 1851 to 2004.

HeritageQuest Online

Genealogical and historical records, including images of US federal census documents.


Access to historical issues of hundreds of Illinois newspapers, including Oak Leaves (1902-1977), with searchable articles, advertisements, editorials, classified ads, and obituaries.

Oak Leaves

Full-text articles from this weekly local paper from 1995 to present.

Steiner Index

Information on original owners, architects, building dates, and addresses for Oak Park and River Forest houses and buildings.

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