Library Board Member Job Description

Library Board approved November 16, 2004.

The Oak Park Public Library Board of Trustees is composed of seven elected Oak Park residents who share a love of the Library.  The job of the individual Library Board member is to participate as part of the Board team to accomplish the Library’s mission:

The Oak Park Public Library enhances the quality of life in our diverse community by providing the resources and services for lifelong learning and enjoyment, the space and opportunities to gather and connect, and by fostering a love of reading.

The Board member represents a community perspective, and is expected to represent the Library in the community. Board members need to understand that all authority rests with the full Board and its designees, not with individual Board members.


  1. Prepare a job description for, hire, and provide regular periodic evaluations of the Executive Director.
  1. Determine the mission of the Library and adopt written policies, consistent with that mission, to govern the operation of the Library.
  1. Engage in a strategic planning process for the Library.
  1. Secure adequate funds to carry out the Library’s plans and participate in the annual budgeting process for the Library.
  1. Be knowledgeable about and comply with applicable laws, regulations, bylaws, and policies.
  1. Advocate for legislation favorable to libraries on the local, state, and national levels.
  1. Seek opportunities to learn more about the Oak Park Public Library and about the Library community in general.
  1. Be an advocate to the community and constituents for the Library and for Board decisions.
  1. Regularly self-evaluate personal performance on the Board and determine areas where improvement is needed.
  1. Participate fully in the Board meeting process: Review materials that are sent to Board members prior to the monthly meeting and be prepared to participate fully in the meeting.  Attend as many of the meetings as possible.  Board members are also expected to serve actively on one or two Board committees.  Committees may meet as frequently as once a month.  Resign from the Board when no longer able to support the Library’s mission or devote the necessary time to being an effective Board member.

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