For Not-So-Easily-Scared Kids

October is the perfect month to settle in with a scary ghost story or two! Here are some of my favorite Kids' Fiction titles for kids in grades 4 and up.

Dollhouse Murders
Amy goes to visit her aunt and finds an old dollhouse in the attic. What’s cool is that the dollhouse matches her aunt’s house and the dolls
are her grandparents and dad and aunt as children. What’s scary is that every night, the dolls re-enact her grandparents’ murders. It’s up to Amy to solve the mystery of who really committed the crime.

Graveyard Book
Bod Owens’ parents were murdered when he was a toddler, but he escaped into a cemetery. The ghosts of those buried there have raised him and kept him safe, but the man who killed his family is still searching for him. Bod doesn’t belong in the cemetery forever, but  he needs to figure out how to leave and stay alive.

On the Day I Died
Mike was driving home late one night when he stopped to pick up a dripping wet girl and take her home. He is directed towards a cemetery where a number of teen ghosts are waiting to tell their death stories and he can’t leave until he’s heard from all of them. This book is set in the Chicago suburbs, so see how many places you can recognize!

Wait ‘Till Helen Comes
Molly doesn’t like her new little step-sister Heather very much, and tries to avoid her whenever possible. Their new house used to be a church, and Heather starts playing in the next door cemetery. Molly realizes that Heather is actually playing with Helen, the ghost of a little girl who died a long time ago, and Helen wants to make sure that Heather never leaves her. Can Molly save Heather’s life?

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