November 2012

Cool Conventions

Can you imagine spending a whole weekend talking about your favorite books with people who love them just as much as you do--and getting a chance to see for yourself some of the places from the books? Plus crafts, activities, readings--so much fun!

Once a year, a big group of the popular and classic Betsy-Tacy books meet up in Mankato, MN (the real-life "Deep Valley" of the books) to visit Betsy's, Tacy's and Tib's houses. The books are based on the author’s life, and relatives of the real people who inspired the characters also talk about their lives and experiences at the conference.

There's also a Little House on the Prairie conference held every July, called "Laura-palooza," and every other year a big L.M. Montgomery conference takes place in Canada. What book series would you like to attend a conference for?

Overrun With Books

My to-read list is growing and growing and GROWING. I think my pile is about to tip over--this picture was from last week, and I’ve added several more to it already.

I’m reading mostly books which are getting Newbery Award buzz (they'll announce the winner in January). So far, my favorite is Starry River of the Sky by Grace Lin. I love how Lin blends folk tales and adventures. I’m not just reading children's books right now; I’m also reading all about Disney World to get ready for an exciting holiday trip there!

Show Your Stuff!

The Main Library has a collection case just for kids to show off their favorite things. We’ve hosted displays of sea shells from Florida, finger knitting projects, a collection of dragons, beaded animal skulls and an awesome bunch of Hot Wheels, plus many more.

If you want to show your stuff off in 2013, email Miss Shelley at Feel free to get creative--we’ll show off art work, favorite books, special knickknacks, whatever you want to share with the community.