May 2012

Window Dressing

Our Storytime Room window gets a new theme every month, and often it's based on one of our favorite books.

Right now we're enjoying Miss Melaina's take on The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum. Here's our adorable Dorothy:

Earlier this year we also admired Melaina's The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats:

Here's Miss Allie's window for The Lorax by Dr. Seuss!

Miss Gennie's Ghosts in the House window, based on the book by Kohara Kazuno, was an October treat:

Gennie made this awesome window decor, too: can you tell which book its from?

Children's Services: The Fun Behind The Fun, Volume 1

We work hard make sure our patrons want to visit the Library again and again--but our dedicated Children's Services staff know that having FUN is part of that important work!

Back in our office, there's always someone wearing something silly...

...on their feet:

Allie wearing paws

...on their face:

Jennifer presenting Mardi Gras

...or on their head!

Jen with a silly hat

Sometimes, we don't even mean to be silly--it just happens. Like when two librarians show up wearing almost the same exact outfit:

Monica and Shelley dressed alike

No matter what, though, our patrons are always best at playing dress-up:


This year's summer reading program for kids is called Reading is a Thrill! We'll be playing lots of carnival games, having a ton of circus fun...and sometimes we'll even pretend we're at an amusement park.

Quick question: if you had to ride one of these amusement park rides ten times in a row, which would you chose?


And do you think you could read a book while you rode a roller coaster?

Miss Rory says she definitely could, Mr. Andy says he could ride ten times in a row but would get motion sickness if he tried to read--and Miss Shelley says she wouldn't dream of getting on a roller coaster for even one ride, hee!